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I am from New Orleans, attended Rollins College for a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Florida Institute of Technology for a Master's in Clinical Psychology. I worked in the Brevard County Hospital system in Florida with adults for five years before returning to New Orleans.

I was offered teaching positions at Loyola and Our Lady of Holy Cross College for five years and then began counseling adolescents in our high schools. I am the proud mother of four children.


With 26 years experience, I am pleased to be in private practice conveniently located in the center of our city. My background includes counseling adolescents and young adults (21 years),  leading a 26 bed psychiatric hospital unit and serving as a therapist in a community mental health partial hospital.


I enjoy working with clients who are seeking change and solutions to what might be adjustment disorders, stress, learning disorders, depression, anxiety, grief work, as well as a whole host of other psychological problems. I have extensive experience with group work in the area of grief support, learning issues, self esteem, developmental changes, autism spectrum disorders and relationship issues. 


My philosophy is holistic and a cognitive behavioral approach is discussed with each individual or family while helping them obtain their goals. My focus with the client is one of a caring and compassionate manner inorder to provide the greatest benefit to their physical, social and emotional well-being.


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